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    Smart Snack Calculator

    Use the handy "Smart Snack" Calculator to find out if your student store products are in compliance with the Interim Final Rule on Smart Snacks.

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    Nutritional Resources

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Administrator Day at Fall Leadership

Invite your administrator to see what the Marketing students are really doing at DECA conference.  They’ll be impressed with the professionalism and entrepreneurial approaches of our high school students  Monday, October 30th.  RSVP to Lori Hairston. Flyer attached for more info. Join us for Admin Day

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Fall Leadership Conference Meeting

Join us at Washington DECA Fall Leadership conference to learn about upcoming planned professional development for WAME members and learn more about what WAME can do to support you in the classroom.  Bring your calendars and requests to enhance your classroom experience. WAME meets Monday, October 30th during Fall Leadership at 3pm (directly following DECA,

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Standards/competencies for Fashion?

Does anyone have any standards or competencies for Fashion Merchandising?  CIP: 521902 Please leave a comment here if you do!

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Certification Renewal Requirement Changes

Certification Renewal Requirement Changes WAC 181-79A-251 WAC 181-85-075 Beginning September 1, 2014 changes to certification renewal requirements will affect many educators. Please encourage building principals to post notices of these changes, and alert faculty and staff of the changes included below. Completion of four professional growth plans (PGPs) during the five-year validity of a certificate

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