• WAME at Conclave

    WAME at Conclave

    Don't miss it! A national conference is coming to our area and there's still time to register. Sign up for Conclave today! Click to Register

  • Smart Snack Calculator

    Smart Snack Calculator

    Use the handy "Smart Snack" Calculator to find out if your student store products are in compliance with the Interim Final Rule on Smart Snacks.

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  • Nutritional Resources

    Nutritional Resources

    Get resources to help you with your student store now. Click Here!


Last call for Conclave!

If you’re still on the fence about attending MBA Research Conclave in Vancouver, you still have a little time to send in your registration! As a member state, you will receive a discount, so go over to Conclave Registration and save yourself a spot today!

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Standards/competencies for Fashion?

Does anyone have any standards or competencies for Fashion Merchandising?  CIP: 521902 Please leave a comment here if you do!

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Certification Renewal Requirement Changes

Certification Renewal Requirement Changes WAC 181-79A-251 WAC 181-85-075 Beginning September 1, 2014 changes to certification renewal requirements will affect many educators. Please encourage building principals to post notices of these changes, and alert faculty and staff of the changes included below. Completion of four professional growth plans (PGPs) during the five-year validity of a certificate

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